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Where is Dancing with Healing Spirit?

Dancing with Healing Spirit was created from the heart and passion of creatrix, Yeshe Chodron. At the time of it's inception, Yeshe knew that what she had in her heart to offer her dance and yoga students, her body- and energy-work clients, and her coaching clients would not be encapsulated by a business model or title that was static--describing only one portion of who she is or what she offers. 


Like with physical dance, Yeshe believes that tending lovingly to the dance of transformation is what heals us from all things that cause our dis-comfort and dis-ease. And, she believes that each of us has a higher self, a soul, who serves as a spirit of healing, when we are in a transformation which leads to healing. 


Through her business, Dancing with Healing Spirit, Yeshe serves as a shaman, energy medicine practitioner, and women's sacred juicy empowerment coach. Yeshe's genius lies in the areas of holding sacred space; and, in observing, tracking and shifting energies.


The team at Dancing with Healing Spirit shares Yeshe's passion to support others in their transformations, large or small. And, we are dedicated to assisting you in getting the support you need, by making it a smooth process to beginning or continuing your transformational work with Yeshe. Whether you are applying for one of her coveted private client program spots or one of her equally well-loved group program spots, we are here to provide you with the information and guidance you need. 


Dancing with Healing Spirit is at home, at Glacial Hills Center for Learning and Retreats


​In 2013, Yeshe moved out to the country...and took her business with her! Now, Dancing with Healing Spirit's physical home is Glacial Hills  Center for Learning and Retreat. 


Glacial Hills Center is a place, where you can unplug, unwind, or completely come undone; and, leave it all in the woods. We specialize in private retreats & small group camp-outs designed to provide you with the means to activate & integrate your most profound transformation. We trust and believe in the healing powers of nature, as it is; and, discover ways to highlight the rich and bountiful gifts of nature within your retreat experience. Our mission is to provide a restful and rejuvenating experience on the land, nestled within the historic Glacial Hills of Kansas. Through programs created, sponsored and hosted by Dancing with Healing Spirit, seekers of higher consciousness are offered the opportunity for meaningful shifts. We offer participants the atmosphere to initiate, cultivate, and express one's movement towards recognizing one's wholeness. Our vision is to hold sacred space for those who are seeking or engaging in the cultivation of a spiritual, physical, or otherwise transformational experience which may lead to life-altering breakthroughs, and personal activations catalyzing or deepening their healing. We endeavor to facilitate a meaningful, profound, and heart-touching experience for every person invited to be present on the land. We are thrilled to have you join us within this living altar of the cabin, the land and the presence of Kansan earth's natural inhabitants.


When attending group events or your own private retreat with Yeshe at the Glacial Hills Retreat Center you are choosing the center as your womb of personal evolution. We look forward to supporting you in uncovering your delight in the ever-changing landscape of the Glacial Hills of Kansas. Our land is over 150 acres of prairie, creek, forest, cliffs, and hills. It is sprinkled with fascinating historic remnants and abundantly alive with several species of native wildlife (including an impressive array of birds within this natural aviary of trees, bushes and prairie grasses), wildly-growing medicinal plants, wildflowers, and the occasional presence of livestock. With the deep & visceral pulse of the Earth unapologetically presenting itself, camping here is a gift like no other. The current camp-site is as beautifully rustic as you can get—open to the sky or nestled up under the canopy of the black oaks, sycamore, and cedars. We are currently creating for you two fire circles—one for campers and one for fire ceremonies & rituals. And, Yeshe's newest project, a temazcal (permanent structure for sweat lodges), is open to contribution and funding! 


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