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It's like my spirit has been cleansed of all the buildup! All my wants and desires are resurfacing like wildfire!...


Transition and change can be scary. Yeshe knows what you're going through, and she will be honest about what it takes.  --anonymous client, Writer

Anonymous client

"I am able to better hear my inner voice...I loved the freedom I had to express all of my feelings. I appreciated that I did not have to worry about being judged...finding one's self and learning to hear one's own guidance is very important. --anonymous client, Professional Dancer

"...Basically, Yeshe sold me on the technique of Life Coaching. Not just Life Coaching, however, but her brand and technique. There are few out there who will give you her level of engagement, her depth of understanding (it's like she sees into your a loving, accepting sort of way!) and her experience. 


Her lifetime of work in Shamanic Journeying, meditation and a variety of spiritual arts has allowed her to refine a life's path that's perfect for her! So I am just elated that I got to spend time and do some journeying, acknowledge strengths and tools I already have, move past some inner stories I was repeating and embracing the most powerful parts of myself. What was really special is she helped me define a power statement that will act as a sort of mantra for me. 


She HEARD me! She acknowledged me! She guided me into some uncomfortable places and then moved me through which in turn healed some really deep wounds! All the while I felt no judgement, only support. Whew, when I came out of the meditation I no longer had the knot in my stomach, that I didn't even realize was there. I had tears of joy running down my face. And INSTANTLY the energetic shift in my life changed! It was astounding. I love this stuff!!!!"


--Debbie Forrestt, Director at Forest House Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training facilitator

Mark Kramer

Lawrence, KS

My hesitation to this work before we started was whether or not I would have any results. I have had energy healing before, without any results. I was surprised with the results I experienced, working with Yeshe, just twice.


The changes I notice in particular are, an enrichment in my ability to listen, I notice less fear and hesitation in my decision-making, a little less fear about outcome. And a new understanding of fearlessness.


What I like best about the healing work is discovering that learning more about myself makes me happy! I appreciate the light side of it...the happy endings. How have I benefitted from working with Yeshe? I can now fly without my cape! I'm feeling some freedom from my challenging emotions: shame, guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness, fear.


I have recommended this service to family and friends; and, would recommend it to others. I think it's a great tool, to finding one's self--self understanding.

*Mark Kramer is a Yoga studio owner and Bikram Yoga instructor. Mark's Passion: Being on stage! "I'm a thespian!"

Barbara Fedors

Minnesota, USA

I have experienced a deeper supportive motivation for my self care practice. It is like I have significantly up leveled the importance of my daily self care. I feel much more softness and acceptance with myself. What has also come from this journey with you is a new clarity, inspiration, and confidence with what I have to offer through my coaching and retreats business. I appreciated the exercises that you guided me through. The pace and thoroughness of your support and guidance was awesome. The email exchanges when I had a question were extraordinarily helpful in between sessions. I feel so much more clear about the steps that will support me to allow a fuller expression of myself.I felt a sense of love, safety, and a preciousness through these sessions. What I heard you say one time was that the feminine is best supported when a sense of love, safety, and adoration is present for her to receive. This is definitely the space I felt when on this journey with you. Thank you with much love.I feel more alive with possibilities!

*Barbara's Passion: Guiding women to reconnect with their body and aliveness through the support of Mother Earth by experiencing "Beauty of the Wild, Your Experience of Luxury in the Woods" retreats and coaching.

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Kansas City, KS

The financial aspect was my only hesitation to doing this work. But, since doing this work together I notice that I am much more at ease and complete with going within myself. I specifically appreciate the visualization I get from doing the grounding work and really settling to introspect.  Yeshe has a unique gift that enables deep communication within the energy fields.

The benefits for me are that a lot of locked energy was released.  I have gone to a deeper place within myself, that has allowed me to touch and feel the wounds of my past and present.  Enabling me to feel and release the pain, sending it back to source to be transformed by the grounding energies of mother earth.  I have an openness to Earth energy now, I tend to want to float up and away when there is pain involved and this experience gave me the courage and strength to square off with parts of my deeply ingrained belief systems that no longer serve my highest good or anyone else's.  I am more stabilized and I am okay with feeling the pain and letting it go.

I would definitely recommend this modality for greater deeper healing. I see two therapists and attend support groups and I have been doing this for a significant amount of time.  None of those have produced the results I have felt in the amount of time it manifested from using this modality of healing.  I was able to get to a deeper place and begin the process of a huge transformation in a short period of time, utilizing this service. It has been a blessing that you have shared your Divine gifts with me.  I appreciate the time you take & the delicate nature in which you address coaching sessions.

Reverend Jaitara, Sexual Priestess

Vancouver, BC

Since working with Yeshe, I have made a more conscious effort to adjust my schedule to create the balance I needed. I loved Yeshe's beautiful method of channeling Spirit, her love and compassion and the ease and flow of which she was able to guide me through my truth. It has been a valuable reminder on the steps I need to take to maintain balance. Yeshe's gifts are a precious gift to us and to experience her coaching and guidance is a blessing to anyone who says "yes". Bless you, Yeshe! *Jaitara's Passion: I am passionate about being a guide to Sacred Sexual Enlightenment, so women experience more profound love with self and others, breathe the freedom of inner peace, and dance with more playful expression in all layers of relationships and professional purpose. I love how this wisdom ignites the power of their voice and reclaims their Powerful Truth as a Spiritual/ Sexual Being, conscious leader and role model

Melissa Kirkpatrick, Find Your Own Drive

Ohio, USA

The changes I noticed in particular, since our last program working together is that I am shifting and leaning into certain areas of myself more. I specifically like the guided meditations best. The work we have done has complimented other work, and together I have gone deeper then ever before! I would recommend this service to others...and I have, because of my own experience and the price point. *Melissa's Passion: Golf Academy Coaching, on and off the field

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Debbie Forrestt
Anonymous Client

Totally Stellar Reviews


Here are a few examples of what clients are saying about the healing, transformation, and empowerment that they've experienced as a result of working with Yeshe. May you be inspired by the words they chose to share!  

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