Self-Healing does not mean DOING IT ALL ALONE! And, community healing does not mean GIVING UP YOUR POWER!

Are you a healer, lightworker, or other highly sensitive soul who’s used to healing yourself but are also drawn to the benefits of healing within a community?

Here’s an opportunity to discover the perfect balance of working alone and working in a community for your BEST HEALING and PERSONAL EVOLUTION.


You’re invited to a FREE live conference call, “Activating Your Soul Tribe”. This is a process that my private coaching clients are getting coached through personally, and are discovering how to feel safe, supported, and held in every aspect of their personal evolution whether they are extroverts or introverts!

I want the same for you, Darlings! In this call, you’ll learn the basics of this powerful activation.

A soul tribe is accessible to EVERYONE, and you deserve to have yours fully intact to sincerely give and receive tremendous healing benefits. There’s no doubt that you’ll be inspired to discover your true soul tribe, from this activation. 

You’ll also learn how you can join over 20 other self-aware intuitives in receiving the full details with step-by-step instructions on exactly how to discover your true Soul Tribe.


Already got an activated Soul Tribe? You’re invited, too!


By hopping on this 45 minute call, you’ll learn how to re-calibrate your Soul Tribe, so that you avoid getting stuck.

“Activating Your Soul Tribe” will introduce you to how to have an abundance of spiritual lubrication to move into your next phase of growth smoothly.


Let's do this, Darlings! Join us in this one-time special call.

Here Are Your Call Details:

Tuesday January 8th
12:15pm CST

Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7035
Access Code: 160454