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You CAN Have It All! These 4 Sacred and Juicy Steps Show You How

January 19, 2015


Can you believe that we’re still being told that women can’t have it all?!?! Maybe you’re even telling this to yourself, like I was a few years ago. No worries, Dear One, these sacred and juicy steps are a sure­fire way to get you moving into that place where you actually can have it all, in exactly the way you like.



Step One 

Define YOUR “all”. Clear away the influences, voices and advice of others. Your “all” is YOUR “all”! NO ONE else can define this for you, my Love. Not even societal views can truly define your personal “all”. When you have it, record a list of what makes up your “all”. When your list is done, connect with each list item, through your emotional body. Get intimate with your wishes. Feel them so deeply that you know where each one lives in your physical body.


Step Two

Discover what is really standing in the way of you having your all. This is the “tricky” step. I’m inviting you to discover what your “wounded self” is worried about, when it comes to having your all. No analysing allowed here. Rely on the the wisdom of your wounded self. Dig deep, on this one.


Step Three

Deliver the gift of your all, to your Divine. Take everything that you’ve gathered in steps 1 & 2, and allow the complete picture to emerge through your first eye of clear vision and intuition. Verbalize this aloud, via your heart center, to your Divine. Be clear. Be honest. Be emotional. Be whatever you are. Then, place this gift into the loving hands of your Divine. Open up to gratitude. Stay in gratitude for step 4.



Step Four

Decide on three simple baby­steps you could take toward having your “all”. Allow your Divine to inspire you here. Add a reasonable due­date for each one, and enlist an accountability partner to keep you on track with completing your list.

Congratulations! You are now powerfully poised for having it all.


A Note Of Encouragement:

I don’t have it all, the way my society tells me I ‘should’. I don’t have it all the way my academic teachers and mentors taught me that I ‘should’. I DO have it all, in the way that I have daydreamed about as a child--I live out in the country, I spend time daily practicing shamanic arts, I help people with my ‘magic’, I am in love with my life, I engage in incredibly rich relationships full of love and trust, I have everything I need, I get to continue learning my craft with top-notch mentors...I have it all! Experiencing life in this way has opened up a whole new understanding of that phrase “Having It All”, for me. I realized that, with all the materializing alchemy that I’ve been practicing, I have created this world where I do have it all, on my terms. Engaging in the practice of these for steps is what has given me MY all, and continues to do so. My wish for you, my Beloved Soul Sibling, is to embrace the experience of having it all...YOUR all.  




*Sisters and Brothers of my Soul Family, I'd love to know about your experience with this post--what is one thing you'd like to know more about, from what you've just read? Share your "ah-ha's", your inner shifts, and your supportive reflections, at the bottom of the blog page where it says "comments".* 




About Yeshe Chodron


Known as Sacred Lotus Woman, Yeshe Chodron is a Shamanic Minister, Spiritual Life Coach specializing in Women's Sacred and Juicy Empowerment, and co-author of #1 International Bestseller, “Empowered Women of Social Media”. Yeshe’s career as a healer began in her late childhood, when she began to use her heightened abilities to read, track, and shift energies through intention, to assist others in seeing more deeply and clearly into their own reality, for the purpose of healing. Since then, she has received formal training and certification in a variety of healing modalities including divination, Polarity Therapy, energy reading, meditation, and shamanic journeying, healing & ministry, to name a few. Yeshe’s love for people and passion for the healing process has also lead her to include nursing, singing, yoga, life coaching, and bellydancing within her career.


Yeshe feels blessed to be able to offer her deeply transformational, evolutionary and healing services as a Shaman and Spiritual Life Coach via live or virtual private sessions and group programs.  She is currently focused most sharply on working with awakening women who are committed to learning how to live sacred, juicy, and empowered lives. 



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You CAN Have It All! These 4 Sacred and Juicy Steps Show You How

January 19, 2015

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