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Sacred Juicy Success Visioning

December 30, 2014

Vision + Action = Success


Happy Holidays, Sweet One


If you're like me, you're still basking in the afterglow of enjoying some truly special spiritual celebrations, while gearing up for yet another celebration, tomorrow! I joyfully participated in three holiday celebrations last week (including the wonderful crafts my little sister and I created, in the pics above), before gifting myself a 3-day stay-cation at my beautiful home, in the woods. My life is feeling so blessed and luxurious right now. This is such a wonderful pocket of time, to tap into a world-wide vibration of festivity, to share the brightness of your inner light with your twin-flame, tribe, or soul family, to reconnect in peace and healing with beloveds, friends, and family. What I find most powerful in this season is placing some devoted attention on my vision of the upcoming year. I know, many of you are visioning regularly as a part of your self-care routines (which is amazingly awesome)! But, I’m talking about something you really go all-out for...sacred and safe space to open to your vision, perhaps a ritual/ceremony, a sacred atmosphere, a juicy activity, and a token of your intentions.


Why do this now?

The pocket that we're in right now, is energetically a spectacular time to do this! And a powerful way to really make your 2015 a Sacred Juicy Success, is to use the momentum of your visioning to flow into action. Vision + action = success! This is not the time to hold back. This is the time to allow yourself to be carried forward on the current of your magical vision of success, into the divinely inspired actions that lead to that success! In fact, I find it the perfect time to set myself up for that success by obtaining the support that my Sacred Juicy Success visioning reveals I will need for the type of success I want to experience in the year ahead. In other words, I allow myself to flow into divinely inspired action!

Why this is vital to your success

Success is an idea, attitude, and belief that arouses a host of emotions and images within each of us. And, it’s no wonder, since it affects every area of life:


  • the ebb and flow of your relationships

  • blossoming or stagnation of your wealth consciousness

  • placement in your tribe, or your social status

  • progression of physical, mental, and emotional health

  • development of your career or entrepreneurship

Without this vital step, you wind up subconsciously sabotaging your own success by:

  • limiting your beliefs about your success

  • repeating the same mistakes that have blocked your success so far

  • reaching for someone else's idea of success that is not a match for you

  • failing to update your definition of success as you grow and change

Take a deep breath, here. Allow your heart to inform your mind about how the idea, attitude, and belief of success finds its way into your everyday life. Now, allow your heart to inform your mind about how much more fulfilling your life feels when you believe in your success, feel successful, and behave in ways that are aligned with your definition of success. If you're having trouble sustaining this for yourself clearly, that’s ok! I am here to support you through this.


In fact, I've got a new gift for you! I feel so strongly about us empowering ourselves that I want to share with you as many as I can of the self-empowering tools that I've gathered through the years, and continue to use myself and with clients. From the place in me where that feeling is so strong, I offer you a complimentary Sacred Juicy Success visioning session. I know what a gift it is to have loving, safe, sacred space held for me as I do my visioning; and, I'd like to extend the gift of that same treasure to you, Precious.

You deserve to have the success you desire. And, 2015 is the time to get on board with believing in your success! ...Plus, I've opened up a ton of spots for my tribe (that's you, Sweet One), to be sure that everyone who's ready to create a beautifully balanced and successful 2015 has a chance to receive this gift. *Complimentary sessions are available for a limited time*

Click here to join me for your complimentary Sacred Juicy Success visioning session.


Why Claim Your Gift Visioning Session

The value in this Sacred Juicy Success visioning session is that, you get to be in the relaxed, expansive space of your visioning while I hold a safe, sacred space for you in real time. LIke this, we navigate your visioning together. This is a vital step in creating the year ahead that you want.

My Personal Results
Using this technique with a business partner of mine has been yielding some miraculous and juicy results! I’ve seen us create things that it would never have occurred to me to create--beautiful and powerful things that have come from my own words! And, using this technique with my mentors, for my personal life, is what helped me to materialize almost $30K in personal sponsorships and fulfill my childhood dream of living out in the country, in the last 18 months.

The thing is, it can be challenging (even for those of us who have been doing this for almost 20 years), to navigate our clear visioning solo. And, in order to get the best results, we need to feel safe and held. This gift is waiting for you.

Click here, to claim your gift now.



*Sisters and Brothers of my Soul Family, I'd love to know about your experience with this post. Share your "ah-ha's", your inner shifts, and your supportive reflections, at the bottom of the blog page where it says "comments (or click here)".* 


About Yeshe Chodron

Known as Sacred Lotus Woman, Yeshe Chodron is a Shamanic Minister, Spiritual Life Coach specializing in Women's Sacred and Juicy Empowerment, and co-author of #1 International Bestseller, “Empowered Women of Social Media”. Yeshe’s career as a healer began in her late childhood, when she began to use her heightened abilities to read, track, and shift energies through intention, to assist others in seeing more deeply and clearly into their own reality, for the purpose of healing. Since then, she has received formal training and certification in a variety of healing modalities including divination, Polarity Therapy, energy reading, meditation, and shamanic journeying, healing & ministry, to name a few. Yeshe’s love for people and passion for the healing process has also lead her to include nursing, singing, yoga, life coaching, and bellydancing within her career.


Yeshe feels blessed to be able to offer her deeply transformational, evolutionary and healing services as a  Shaman and Spiritual Life Coach via live or virtual private sessions and group programs.  She is currently focused most sharply on working with awakening women who are committed to learning how to live sacred, juicy, and empowered lives.


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January 19, 2015

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