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3 Sacred & Juicy Signs that YOU are an Awakening Woman

November 28, 2014

Juicy sister, I know that you’ve been reading and hearing about how women are awakening all over the world. And you’re wondering if you might be awakening, too. There are lots of “signs and symptoms” of awakening. Let me share with you three of my favorite sacred and juicy signs that you can check for within your own heart; and, confirm that you are an awakening woman.




The gift of guidance comes perfectly.

Sign: Have you noticed that you’ve been coming across exactly the right social media post, book, poem, or coaching program...effortlessly? Your habits of resistance are decreasing. With less resistance, it’s easier to see the gifts that are present for you. According to the Law of Attraction, that means more of these gifts resonate with and move into your now flowering life!


Symptom: The challenge is that you are receiving lots of messages and are drawn to several new experiences at once. This leaves you feeling a little lost. Tuning in, through your heart supports you through this. As you live more from your heart center, you move easily into clarity.




Inner Integrity is becoming first nature for you.

Sign: For an awakening woman, it is easier to live from your own inner truth. As one of my clients put it, you hear the voice of your higher self so much more clearly (maybe for the first time)! Inner integrity is all about living from your most sacred truth.


Symptom: Sometimes, living from your inner truth can feel like a separation from others. You wind up feeling lonely or disconnected. Staying engaged with your network of support helps you maintain the courage to move through these challenging feelings.




Your heart is a beacon for your Beloved.

Sign: Awakening women like you feel intense desire to engage in magical and intimate relationships. When that deep desire blossoms, a special flame is ignited throughout your being. It’s like your very essence preparing you and calling to your Beloved for successful, sacred and juicy partnership.


Symptom:  You’re lead to illuminate the darkest corners of your relationships. You wind up feeling confused about how to engage in sacred partnership, (new or established). Friendships and business relationships even feel confusing. Tap into your inner Sacred Lotus Woman, to remain a clear beacon. She is the juiciest, and most successful version of yourself.



Not sure where to get support with your awakening? I’ve got you covered! Start by gifting yourself some soul nourishment...


  • connecting with your inner Sacred Lotus Woman

  • learn how to give up manifesting and start materializing--an ultra-feminine way to live your dream life

  • join me as I personally walk you through my most sacred and juicy practice of creating your reality from your deepest desires

  • receive several delicious bonus tips along the way

  • discover the two juiciest secret elements that makes this practice so powerful


Here is a 20-minute no-fee teleclass that delivers all of the above and is available now, for just a short time!



*Sisters and Brothers of my Soul Family, I'd love to know about your experience with this post. Share your "ah-ha's", your inner shifts, and your supportive reflections, at the bottom of the blog page where it says "comments (or click here)".* 


About Yeshe Chodron


Known as Sacred Lotus Woman, Yeshe Chodron is a Shamanic Minister, Spiritual Life Coach specializing in Women's Sacred and Juicy Empowerment, and co-author of #1 International Bestseller, “Empowered Women of Social Media”. Yeshe’s career as a healer began in her late childhood, when she began to use her heightened abilities to read, track, and shift energies through intention, to assist others in seeing more deeply and clearly into their own reality, for the purpose of healing. Since then, she has received formal training and certification in a variety of healing modalities including divination, Polarity Therapy, energy reading, meditation, and shamanic journeying, healing & ministry, to name a few. Yeshe’s love for people and passion for the healing process has also lead her to include nursing, singing, yoga, life coaching, and bellydancing within her career.


Yeshe feels blessed to be able to offer her deeply transformational, evolutionary and healing services as a  Shaman and Spiritual Life Coach via live or virtual private sessions and group programs.  She is currently focused most sharply on working with awakening women who are committed to learning how to live sacred, juicy, and empowered lives.!aboutyeshechodron/cjg9



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You CAN Have It All! These 4 Sacred and Juicy Steps Show You How

January 19, 2015

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