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Three Juicy Secrets to Manifesting Your Dreams

November 5, 2014

So, you want to know how to manifest your dreams? Well, let’s get right to it. The first secret is to stop manifesting. That’s right! I’ve stopped manifesting things a couple of years ago, and I couldn’t be happier. See, for me, manifesting practices and tools left me reaching...always reaching and never having. I wasn’t feeling the connection between my dreams (or desires, as I prefer to call them) and my reality. Manifesting felt more like abandoning or ignoring my present reality, in favor of a future that would soon exist. Honestly, it felt more like a subtle method of engaging in self-hate. It brought me, an imbalance of overly-dynamic energy. It felt like trying to birth a child whose father I hadn’t met yet. There was no softness. There was no space to sink into my present moment. There was no room to feel, experience, nurture, or land safely within my truth. I was missing the activation of my life force energy, my sacred arousal, creativity, bliss, receptivity. I was missing the juiciness and magic of alchemy.   



The second secret is that bringing desires into reality must feel exciting, mysterious, magical, and pleasurable. I must feel that self-love is the backbone of my creation, and that the process is a way of making love with the universe. When I think of crystallizing a desire into the material world, my womb-space lights up, my yoni wakes up, my first-eye blinks open, and my heart begins to sparkle--for real. The alchemy that I engage in has materialized (I love that word) more of my desires than the dry practice of manifesting.



Three years ago, I was in an abusive marriage, living in a commercial space that didn’t even have a full bathroom (we showered at the gym). I now live in a beautiful cabin with a fabulous housemate, enjoying 150 acres of prairie, woods, creek, and wildlife. The art of materializing has brought me success in relationships, wealth, and spiritual attainment. Within the last 18 months, I’ve materialized personal sponsorships of over $23,000, co-authored an international #1 bestseller, and have created & delivered several life-altering coaching programs and healing sessions. Oh...and this year, I’ve learned how to grow my own organic food! I grew plenty for my housemate, myself, our local food pantry, friends, and family. Materializing is a more scrumptious way of living.



The third, and juiciest secret I’ll share comes directly from my 5 Sacred C’s to Materializing Your Desires practice: once all versions of your selves agree on a thing, the alchemy is ignited to materialize that thing. So, all you need to do is line up some support to assist you in getting all versions of yourself to agree to receive your desire. This is an astounding healing technique, in itself! Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to get support for this. I’ve got you covered--especially if you’d like to materialize a magical and successful relationship! Currently I work with women who are feeling disconnected, lost, lonely, bored, or fragmented and are hungering for the magic (and alchemy) in their relationships. Using these 3 juicy secrets and more, I teach them how to:

  • Experience greater love & acceptance within relationships

  • Sustain more vibrant & supportive relationships long-term

  • Find the courage, confidence, and self-esteem within, to embody wholeness

  • Receive the gift of relationships with a deeper, more genuine sense of connection

In fact, I’ve just opened up spots to guide 5 very special women through my program: Activating your inner Sacred Lotus Woman: How Awakening Women Enjoy Magical, Successful Relationships.


*Sisters and Brothers of my Soul Family, I'd love to know about your experience with this post. Share your "ah-ha's", your inner shifts, and your supportive reflections, at the bottom of the blog page where it says "comments (or click here)".* 


About Yeshe Chodron

Known as Sacred Lotus Woman, Yeshe Chodron is a Shamanic Minister, Spiritual Life Coach specializing in Women's Sacred and Juicy Empowerment, and co-author of #1 International Bestseller, “Empowered Women of Social Media”. Yeshe’s career as a healer began in her late childhood, when she began to use her heightened abilities to read, track, and shift energies through intention, to assist others in seeing more deeply and clearly into their own reality, for the purpose of healing. Since then, she has received formal training and certification in a variety of healing modalities including divination, Polarity Therapy, energy reading, meditation, and shamanic journeying, healing & ministry, to name a few. Yeshe’s love for people and passion for the healing process has also lead her to include nursing, singing, yoga, life coaching, and bellydancing within her career.


Yeshe feels blessed to be able to offer her deeply transformational, evolutionary and healing services as a  Shaman and Spiritual Life Coach via live or virtual private sessions and group programs.  She is currently focused most sharply on working with awakening women who are committed to learning how to live sacred, juicy, and empowered lives.



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You CAN Have It All! These 4 Sacred and Juicy Steps Show You How

January 19, 2015

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