Beloved Sacred Soul Sister

I'm thrilled that you've made it here! I've recoreded a brief message for you, so that you could hear my heart and soul calling to you to join your sacred sisters for this life-altering event.

Listen now:

Rousing your Inner Yogini April 4th & 5th 

Live Weekend Immerson In Scenic Valley Falls, Kansas


"Wikipedia says: 'A Yogini is the sacred feminine force made incarnate: the goddesses of mythology (Lakshmi, Parvati, Durga, Kali) as well as the ordinary human woman who is enlightened, both having exuberant passion, spiritual powers and deep insight, capable of giving birth to saints, peacemakers, and Yogis.'


I daresay that ALL women carry the genetic code of Yogini. Whether or not you believe she has awakened within you, you can arouse her from her slumber. You can 'coax' and gently rouse her from deep within your cells, your mitochondria, your Yoni space; and, connect with her, listen to her, dance with her, become her. And you can be supported, as you do so.


I am calling you to be with a small circle of your Sacred Sisters to experience the 'coaxing' or gentle rousing within the safe, supportive, loving arms of your sacred sisterhood. This exquisite experience is available to only 7 precious participants. Apply now.


APRIL 4th &5th, at Glacial Hills Center for Learning and Retreats in Valley Falls, KS.

Rousing Your Inner Yogini Weekend is for you if you are: 

  • ready to leap beyond your current cycle, in a way that cleanses your spirit and nourishes your soul

  • willing to find the courage within, to step into a deeper and more exquisite engagement in your life 

  • done with hiding from yourself and others, and want to experience the embodiment of your sacred juicy inner Yogini in your own beautiful way 

  • yearning to be accepted and feel like you belong in your life

  • desiring the freedom to dance, cry, laugh, sing, or sit in silence under the full moon with a small circle of sacred sisters loving you


And, this is for you if you are:

  • a fempreneur who has all the structures in place and is struggling to open up to a bigger flow (of clients, money, etc)

  • a mom who longs for a sweeter yet more powerful connection with her family

  • a woman who is tired of feeling disconnected from meaningful connections or intimacy

This two-day Yogini group experience is not for you if you are:


  • not ready to refresh your spirit and connect deeply with your soul 

  • don’t want support, guidance, and loving accountability for your personal evolution

  • are not willing to invest your time, money, energy, and attention into creating your feminine quantum leap

  • expecting a magic wand or magic "pill" to take away all your problems without you having to do the sacred work


There is no fee to apply. Once your application is received, you will be notified by email within 48 hours, if you have been approved to attend this scrumptious weekend.


The financial investment for this weekend is under $250.  Approved participants will be sent a payment link. This investment does not include your travel expenses; but, it does include your meals and snacks as well as optional lodging.


The affordable price makes this weekend available for many women, so you'll want to get your application in quickly--first come is first served. Once the spots are filled, the event will be sealed (closed to further applicants). Apply now below.  


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Questions? Contact me here, by sending me your info and your question. Be sure to leave me your phone number; and, I'll get back to you quickly, so that you have time to grab your spot before we fill up. 

‘If you know me, you know that I reside in the hearts of all beings.

Just summon me and I will return!’


~ Yeshe Tsogyal