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People everywhere, who have a connection to Mary Magdalen, are feeling her presence both deeply and expansively right now. She’s here. She is walking among us, through many women. Her spirit flows through our world right now. Her spirit is traveling along the vibration of femininity that runs along the threads of our humanity. This is happening on both the level of the collective, as well as on the level of the individual. It’s as if she has sent an emanation (a spiritual echo) of herself through many women (and, yes, also men) at once. It’s as if her greater spirit, Her Christing presence, is being accepted and connected with more and more. We are standing in a time of great shift and transformation--no one on Earth could earnestly deny this. What better time for this form of Divine Feminine to be present as the effulgent moon, illuminating the dark of night?

This Spring, we have a unique opportunity to explore the very timely appearance and presence of The Magdalen with YesheLa Chodron. The first round of classes has occurred, and it has been truly exquisite! Many people have asked for another opportunity (and some are already planning to repeat the opportunity) to experience the gift of these mysteries of the Divine Feminine, as guided by the Ascended Master Mary Magdalen.

  • Journeying (shamanic flight)

  • Conscious Storying 

  • Soul Exploration

  • Simple Healing

  • Divination and Oracular Discovery


Yeshe Chodron & Dancing with Healing Spirit Present...

The Magdalen: Exploring Her Mystery, Magic, and Grace 
Spring Intensive Weekend at Merkaba Wellness Center and Spa

in Lawrence, Kansas

You’ll gain a more clear perspective on the truth of who Mary Magdalen was and continues to be, how this relates to your personal life, how Her presence effects our world and it’s progression. What’s important about knowing these things is how it will benefit you. The benefits available to you through this experience are: 

  • Greater sense of wholeness

  • Activated life purpose (your sacred purpose)

  • More solid sense of hope and inspiration

  • Richer sense of inner peace

  • New or deepened personal relationship with Mary Magdalen Herself

Since the age of six, YesheLa has experienced direct communications with Mary Magdalen; and, has blossomed this personal connection through soul communion & soul building, academic study, and deepening self-acceptance. YesheLa was initiated into a unique healing system by the Magdalene Herself in the Spring of 2014. Since then, delving into this truly magnificent practice has been transforming her into a strong container and a devoted Priestess for the powerful, loving forces of this Divine Feminine Presence and Her unique healing system, Magdalen's Touch Healing. YesheLa joyfully serves individuals and groups as a Magdalen Priestess, shamanic arts healer, and coach at Merkaba Wellness Center and Spa. Schedule your private sessions with her, click the link here, scroll down to Feather and Cloud, and choose "Magdalen's Touch".

Here's How You Will Investment In Your Experience...

Time Commitment:
As a special gift to those of you participating in the full weekend intensive, you will be invited to join YesheLa in two support conference calls! One call will be held prior to the intensive, in preparation for your upcoming experience. The second will be held after the intensive, to support the integration of your experience. The flow of being present on these calls greatly enhances the experience of each participant, as well as the experience of the group as a single unified presence. Please plan to be on these two calls (dates below).

Your LIVE EXPERIENCE weekend intensive is being held
Friday March 31st, 7pm-9pm (FREE and open to all adults)
Saturday April 1st, 10am-9pm (closed for participants only)
Sunday April 2nd 10am-3pm (closed for participants only)

Your BONUS CONFERENCE CALLS are being held
Tuesday March 28th, 7pm-8pm
Tuesday April 4th, 7pm-8pm

Inner Commitment: Plan to experience a simple and beautiful initiation, into this path of deepening your personal evolution with Mary Magdalen as a guiding source of love and feminine divinity.

Materials: Any handouts or special materials used (including fun surprise gifts), will be provided with no additional charge.

Financial Commitment is a One-Time Investment:

Now through Wednesday, March 15th pay $245

March 16th through March 31st investment increases to $275

*Truly Beloveds, space is limited! Spots are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis (registrants are already claiming their spots)!

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