A 30-Day Self-Healing Journey to a More Connected, Enlightened, and Enlivened Life

Tired of facing the same wounding that has been keeping you stuck or dimming your light, maybe even for years!?

Are you ready to open up new possibilities of acceptance and love with all parts of yourself?

If you're ready to break through to the transformation that will change your story once and for all, let's do this!

LUMINOUS is a unique, transformational and life-changing experience that gets you moving past your old wounding and the beliefs born from it, that have kept you where you are... until now, that is! 

Let me briefly share why I'm offering this and the importance of doing the deep inner healing work. This year I experienced an intensive healing process from April until June (truthfully, I’m still integrating the experience and I suspect I will be for some time, yet). It’s the kind of experience that you don’t see coming. My personal world was turned completely upside-down through extreme pain, prescription medications, hospitalization and intensive painful treatment. Did I mention pain?! Coming through the other side of this experience I’m feeling more alive, more free, and more engaged in life than ever before. 

I feel clear that I have yet to glean “all” of the wisdom from this experience. But one thing I know for sure is that, feeling more alive, free, and engaged in life wasn’t because I went through such a tremendous ordeal, it was how I went through it. 

Since I became available again to serving clients this Fall, I’ve noticed that several of the people I serve are feeling stuck in life particularly because of past wounding--things they thought they were “done” with, or that are like a wall that they can’t see past. Well, another thing that I gained from this year’s personal healing intensive is a newly fueled burning desire to help others cut through the limiting beliefs that come from past wounding (and can become diseases in the future), like a hot knife through butter! It was a very short leap from that desire to the inspiration to create LUMINOUS for you. 

Here's what I was inspired to offer, to set you up for LUMINOUS living in 2019...

Change your story’s trajectory and create deeper inner peace while tapping into the power you never knew you had! Over these 30 days, everything that stems from your story of wounding changes. This is where you learn to use your inner resources to get out from behind that stuck place so that you can shine with even more briliance than before! Everyday you will receive an action step to implement. No need to plan anything in advance, I've got you completely held and set up for success! Just follow the daily emails and play full-out in our private supportive community that will be available on our start date!

Here's Everything You'll Receive:


You’ll receive expert guided support in breaking free from old sticky beliefs and patterns rooted in that past wounding that have kept you where you are... until now, that is! No more excuses! Time to dissolve away your barrier to your next level of growth.


“Self-Healing” does not mean doing it on your own! Your success in your healing process is determined by the five people you hang around with the most. Imagine what it will be like to be in a thriving online community where everyone "gets it" and is there to cultivate their breakthroughs.


A daily email that you can read and implement in your own home, giving you your “LUMINOUS” action for that day. This will get you eliminating self sabotage, feeling empowered, creating new beliefs and experiencing breakthroughs more smoothly than ever before.


Because it's how I play! I have noticed we make way more headway in our healing process when we're able to adopt an attitude of light-heartedness within the process. So if showering you with surprise bonuses helps you take divine action to start embodying the radiant soul you already are, then I'm here to help make that happen.

Ready for your LUMINOUS?


Be a part of this massive awakening on Earth! Look, you weren't meant to just walk through life feeling stuck or even slowed down. You were meant to break through those walls and be LUMINOUS! Freedom is your birthright.


Are you ready to claim that for LESS THAN A COUPLE DRINKS at your favorite coffee shop? I'm going to personally hold your hand and give you the exact tools that I share with my private clients for shining success. I can't wait to welcome you into our LUMINOUS community.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a special introductory rate at $97 for investing in yourself TODAY. The regular investment will be $197 once we complete the course and package it into a home-study product. Just be sure to sign up NOW as we're pulling this $97 special on Monday!


Your 30-Day Journey has started on 1/11/19. Our private community is open!  Doors remain open until Monday. Sign up now and get caught up easily over the weekend. We can hardly wait for you to join us.


Want to be a VIP and receive some private 1-on-1 coaching/mentoring support as you go through this powerful journey? We’ve had a few requests for a stronger level of personal support; and, nothing gives me greater pleasure and honour than to say yes to that request.


Here is the add-on solution we’ve created for those of you who wish to partake of this inspiring one-to-one support.


It’s a LUMINOUS VIP spot! 

VIPs will receive two bonus 1-on-1 private coaching sessions with me + 11 days of private 1-on-1 messaging support as well! NOTE: Only 11 VIP spots available.