Brilliance Restored

Your 7-Day Self Love Summer Reset

Perhaps it’s the energies of nearby planetary dances, perhaps it’s major shifts on our own planet, or perhaps it’s something more personal for you. Whichever it is, there seems to be lots of excitement, activity, and chaos for many of us this summer. Energies like these are bound to leave us feeling frazzled, exhausted, anxious, or just emotionally over-heated. 

How about a full week of guidance and inspiration, to become...

  • centered within yourself

  • super clear about your current truth

  • refreshed within your spirit 

It’s a week to spiral in and reconnect with your own soul.


I know, there are still lots of things to do, and plenty of summer left to do them in, so we’re doing this in small bites! Each day you’ll receive an email with a self-love practice you can drop into, in less than an hour. 

Being centered, clear, and refreshed are all key ingredients to restoring your personal brilliance. Imagine what the rest of your summer will be like, as you’re living from that place of refreshed centeredness and clarity! 

My favorite part about this is that it’s $7 for some of my most potent practices, delivered directly to you daily for a week. 

Ready to reset and have your Brilliance Restored? 

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