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Become Your Most Enlivened Self

How do you know this gift is for you?...

You were drawn here because your soul heard the call. You know that our world is burning. You also know that our fresh new world (what some are calling the Golden Age), is being created at the same time. You know that you are designed to play a major role in shaping our new world--whether it's in your own household, in your community, or in the world at large. You know that your presence, attention, and love must be placed on the aspects of this shift that make a strong, lasting, and positive impact. And you already know that it starts with you. This session offer is for you when you are...

  • Standing in front of your fire of transformation, knowing that it’s time to receive support, guidance and loving accountability to move through that fire--you can’t keep trying to go around it

  • Feeling numb or disconnected and want to feel enlivened 

  • Ready for a breakthrough to move you beyond your “stuck” point or “blind spot” 

  • Hungry for a deep laser-coaching experience that reveals your best next step

Reflections on Transformations

a.k.a. Totally Stellar Reviews

Elizabeth Kipp

Lawrence, KS

Since our time together, I'm feeling better about my business. I feel heard and seen. I've been enjoying more creative juice! I would recommend Yeshe's services, for business development.*Elizabeth's passion: "satisfying my curiosity"

Mighty Sparrow

Kansas City, MO

I experienced so much growth. You have a gift of asking the perfect questions to open me to new levels of healing. I recomend Yeshe Chodron for healing before a psychologist. 

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United States

In particular, since beginning our time together, I've noticed rapid shifting and more power. What I like best is your ability to support the space. ...and your heart. I've experienced very deep healing and release in this work--cleanly and rapidly. You are magical!*Michele's Passion: Healing, assisting ones in healing, creative arts, children

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